Hello lovelies,

Thank you for your interest in my business. I started this to help myself gain financial independence that has been a challenge because of my condition. As my disease progresses, I am also losing mobility and independence in other ways. To help with this, I've gotten a puppy named Thor that we are training to be my service animal. You might be familiar with a lot of this already if you have read through Our Story.

However, service dogs are very expensive, even if you train them yourself. To help deal with the costs of the service dog while I work on continuing to grow the business, I have started a personal fundraiser on Facebook here.

Thank you for browsing my shop, taking a look at the fundraiser, and sharing it if you can. The support we've received for my business and for my fundraiser have been very humbling to me. I can't thank everyone enough.

With love and gratitude,

A dorky picture of Thor in the livingroom.